5 Colors Couture Eye Contouring Palette

5 Colors Couture Eye Contouring Palette
5 Colors Couture Eye Contouring Palette

The art of highlighting your eyes with the Yves Saint-Laurent 5-Color Contouring Palette

Cinema is a field that has greatly contributed to the development of the art of make-up.. Indeed, modern films require ever more colossal resources in this area. You just have to see the hours of makeup needed to make some sci-fi or horror movie characters. Also, the fact of playing on the shadow in the light is a process frequently used to accentuate certain areas of the body or the face. However, without pushing this effect to this paroxysm, the use of this technique also proves to be very useful on a daily basis for a simple make-up highlighting and enhancing your little assets. This is why Yves Saint-Laurent has decided to reappropriate the art of contouring and to offer it to you in a unique palette comprising five colors specially dedicated to enhancing your eyes.

What is Countouring?

Countouring is a makeup method that involves highlighting certain areas of the face by using light. Thus, shadows are created in order to correct the least of your small defects and to highlight your strengths. It allows for example to erase a nose that is too long, a face that is too round or a forehead that is too large. The idea is to play on contrasts by creating shadows using a dark make-up and opposing them to a lighter texture bringing a luminous touch to the face. The latter then makes it possible to draw attention to certain places that you deem advantageous, your eyes for example. This technique has been used for a very long time by make-up artists of fashion shows. However,

The 5-Color Eye Contouring Palette from Yves Saint-Laurent

The 5-Color Eye Contouring Palette by Yves Saint-Laurent is intended more particularly to highlight the gaze. It comes in two new harmonies allowing you to vary your look. Each of them is composed of a set of five highly concentrated colors and sometimes declining in matte renderings as in more metallic effects. The pearly colors contain microparticles of crystals to reflect the light in a breathtaking way. Likewise, the harmony of the colors offered allows them to match perfectly. The entirety of these fades easily and displays an aerial rendering that however lasts up to 12 hours in a row. Everything is supplied with two applicators for ultra precise application. Light shades will then allow you to give relief to your eye while dark shades will create depth. Your eyes are already promising to be enlarged like never before and you will seem ready to take on the biggest catwalks of the fashion shows!

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