A Girl in Capri, new fragrance for women from Lanvin

A Girl in Capri, new fragrance for women from Lanvin
A Girl in Capri, new fragrance for women from Lanvin

At Girl in Capri, Lanvin takes us to the Mediterranean!

Perfume is undoubtedly a tool of seduction. However, it also has a whole bunch of other functions… In addition, it is very useful for transporting the senses and taking us to a distant place in just a few seconds. The Lanvin house has therefore decided to give you a taste of your next summer vacation. The destination is located in the middle of the Mediterranean. How about accompanying us to the lush island of Capri? Focus on the fragrance A Girl in Capri, 2019 fragrance from Lanvin .

Lanvin's A Girl in Capri fragrance ad
Lanvin’s A Girl in Capri fragrance ad

The sun floods the Lanvin perfume shop

Presented in a pretty cardboard box, covered with a bright yellow, A Girl in Capri fragrance immediately reveals its solar and luminous scope. Its name, meanwhile, appears in a playful and flashy pink, whether on its cardboard box or on its bottle. More than ever, femininity is at the rendezvous! The bottle of the perfume A Girl in Capri by Lanvin is full of curves. A pledge of generosity and softness, it also lends itself very well to the female hand. The cap of this perfume in turn focuses on purity, wearing a luminous and elegant white lacquer.

A Girl in Capri, a refreshing and solar fragrance

But then, what scent can this new perfume contain ? Is the promise of his solar aura kept? Yes, definitely! Moreover, the first luminous gleams of A Girl in Capri radiate from its top notes. Lemon Primafiore, lively and tangy, is softened by bergamot.

Bottle and case of A Girl in Capri
Bottle and case of A Girl in Capri

The pink pepper immediately gives more dynamism to this composition. The heart of the perfume A Girl in Capri contains grapefruit flower, relayed by a marine accord. The decor is that of fresh Mediterranean water flowing over the lush nature of the island of Capri.

Driftwood is also present, at its base. Warmed with amber, it becomes more sensual, while the white musk leaves an impression of purity in the wake of this essence.

Lanvin’s journey

As you will have understood, A Girl in Capri is an infinitely summery fragrance, where the image of Dolce Vita reigns . Similar to a Garden of Eden, it is both feminine and delicate, bright and upbeat. Inspired by the vast flower gardens of the island of Capri, it invites you to dream and takes us to a lush elsewhere. The landscape depicted by the perfume A Girl in Capri is fascinatingly beautiful… Just imagine yourself: the turquoise blue sea flowing over sheer cliffs, itself surmounted by lush gardens. You are projected into an exotic elsewhere, worthy of all your most beautiful fantasies! Simple and dancing, this juice is aimed at all optimistic and sunny women, increasing their magnetic aura and their spontaneous seduction tenfold.

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