Baptism of fire, a transgressive fragrance signed Serge Lutens

Baptism by fire, a transgressive fragrance
Baptism by fire, a transgressive fragrance

Serge Lutens was born in 1942, in Lille, in a France at war. He studied hairdressing and stood out for his eccentric, avant-garde style. At the same time, he developed his art of make-up by imagining a white complexion and smoky eyes. It was in 1962 that Serge Lutens presented his first photos to Vogue, thus propelling him to the forefront. It was in 2000 that Serge Lutens created “Parfums-Beauté Serge Lutens” . In 2016, he unveiled “Baptism of Fire”, a fragrance that is to say the least transgressive.

The unconventional creation of Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens is a unique, enigmatic, unconventional designer, who always delivers his perfumes with an equally mysterious text. Regarding “Baptism by Fire”, he says “My emotion is fluid. Like a wax that flows into a mold, it strengthens what appeals, like this heart of spice here ”. In reality, this quote echoes a scent of Serge Lutens’ childhood, more particularly that of the fairgrounds and his shooting ranges. “Baptism of Fire” is a strange essence, with an atypical nom de guerre, but with Serge Lutens, one had to expect an essence that was to say the least unconventional. “Baptism by Fire” draws its inspiration from combat, delivering a bright red that evokes blood, fire and anger. On the subject of color, Serge Lutens declares “that the baptism of fire marks the line between good and evil”.

The unisex notes of Baptism by Fire

“Baptism by Fire” will therefore be intended for both men and women. It is once again, with Christopher Sheldrake, that Serge Lutens joined forces to imagine the composition of “Baptism of Fire”. This begins with a dynamic and tangy flight of mandarin orange. The heart is ultra greedy thanks to the presence of gingerbread. This will be joined by a hint of ginger. Osmanthus and a woody accord bring here a rather autumnal aspect. The base is sensual and deep, because it combines animal notes (castoreum) and a leather accord. The bottle is elegant and refined. Its red-burgundy color is both enigmatic and unusual.

One of Serge Lutens’ most mysterious creations “Baptism of Fire”. If it draws its inspiration from the childhood of Serge Lutens, the fact remains that “Baptism of Fire” is a mysterious fragrance, which defines the line between good and evil. Its unisex composition is bold and intense. The result gives an ultra contemporary and original essence.

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