Coach Platinum, a new eau de parfum for men

Coach Platinum, a new eau de parfum for men
Coach Platinum, a new eau de parfum for men

Coach Platinum, the bold new fragrance from Coach New York

Coach New York is a major American fashion brand, both luxurious and trendy. On January 3, the brand launched its last spring-summer 2019 campaign, for its fashion and accessories collection. On the program: a sheepskin jacket, another in blue leather with a patchwork effect, a Rivington signature backpack or a belt bag from the same range. Yes but here it is, to perfect the outfit of this young American or infinitely trendy look, he also needs a perfume. It is precisely in this context and with this same philosophy that the latest Coach Platinum fragrance was developed.

Coach Platinum, the scent of a free and adventurous man

What better land than the United States to embark on the adventure of a road trip? The great outdoors, the discovery of a new land,… These are the elements that guide the footsteps of the Coach Platinum man, a city dweller in love with adventure and discovery. The Coach Platinum fragrance is his daily companion and gives him the dynamism necessary to surpass oneself. Directly from New York, the city that never stops, the Coach Platinum perfume has an indomitable passion within it. Unique and magnetic, it is intended for a “daring and reckless” man. Coach Platinum has an urban rage while being attracted by the freshness of the great outdoors.

Coach Platinum, a warm and sensual fragrance

On the scent side, this translates into an infinitely contrasting fragrance, daring at the same time freshness, incandescence, the ardor of spices and woody sensuality. It all starts with an astonishing combination of tangy pineapple and more explosive black pepper. Juniper berries also enrich its top notes. Then, its heart is more aromatic and elegant. He associates scarlet sage with geranium. The base of Coach Platinum becomes richer, woody and manly. It gains in depth on contact with refined patchouli. Sandalwood makes this scent creamier. A leathery vanilla gives it all its sensuality.

The return of the famous Coach New York bottle

From then on, all we have to do is discover the bottle of this unique perfume. The latter looks like his predecessors to be mistaken and thus fully signs his membership in the great Coach New York family. All in curves, Coach Platinum displays an indisputable softness and an absolute refinement. Its silver walls preserve a certain transparency which allows light to filter through. Its hood, meanwhile, echoes the emblematic closure of Coach bags, imagined in 1954. Likewise, its small leather label attached to its collar is an absolute nod to the world of leather goods. Finally, as if to proudly display its New York origins, Coach Platinum is engraved with the brand’s logo on its front face: an iconic Central Park horse-drawn carriage.

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