Eau de toilette Paris – Deauville Chanel

Chanel takes us from Paris to Deauville

She is a symbol of emancipation to which the brand bearing her name continues to pay tribute. Once again, Chanel dazzles us with the creation of a brand new perfume. It is called Paris-Deauville and echoes a passing place of Coco Chanel, which marked a turning point in the history of the brand.

Deauville, a famous stopover for Gabrielle Chanel

If Chanel has decided to pay tribute to the city of Deauville, it is quite simply because it is an emblematic place in its history. Indeed, in 1910, Gabrielle Chanel only had a hat shop in Paris. Its first fashion store was established in Deauville. Coco Chanel had been seduced by the Normandy coast, its immense beaches and its blue-gray sky. She was right: her seamstress activity developed considerably in Deauville and marked a turning point in its history.

Paris-Deauville, a resolutely solar fragrance

If this may seem surprising and confusing, know that the Paris-Deauville perfume does not have a typical Norman smell. In fact, he even smelled more of the Mediterranean. It mainly revolves around two main ingredients: orange and basil. This choice was simply made to reveal to us all the ardor and the entrepreneurial spirit of Gabrielle Chanel. The idea here is not to report on the regional specificities of Deauville but rather to embody the daring spirit of Gabrielle Chanel that she possessed in her time, when she walked the pavement of Deauville, more determined than ever to leave its mark in history. < / p>



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