Flowerbomb Bloom by Viktor & Rolf

Flowerbomb Bloom by Viktor & Rolf
Flowerbomb Bloom by Viktor & Rolf

Flowerbomb Bloom, the new floral explosion from Viktor & Rolf

If you follow perfume trends at all, you will remember the release of Viktor & Rolf’s iconic Flowerbomb. This perfume was born in 2005, creating the surprise and finishing to establish the quirky side of the brand. From then on, the public’s enthusiasm for him was simply immense! It is therefore for your greatest pleasure that Viktor & Rolf has just announced the upcoming release, in just a few weeks, of the new Flowerbomb Bloom. The latter is presented as a more woody fragrance but also more airy than its elder. So, are you ready to face this new floral explosion?

The famous pomegranate from Viktor & Rolf

This new perfume has already unveiled its visual and the least we can say is that it will be easily identifiable. At the same time very close to and different from its predecessor, it will of course retain the pomegranate shape of this collection. It must be said that this one did not fail to seduce the public and that it is, even today, more than 10 years after the release of this juice, still very contemporary and attractive. Flowerbomb Bloom will therefore indeed be a weapon of mass seduction, resuming the silhouette of a grenade to unpin for a real floral spell. This time, its bottle will be faceted like a diamond, a stone that is both charming but indestructible. Like a prism of light, Flowerbomb Bloom will be ideally designed to reflect its tender pink juice in the transparency of its glass. As usual, it will be topped with a spray-shaped cabochon in a very contemporary chrome pink color. His name, meanwhile, will be affixed on its front face in the center of a neutral and refined label. Finally, the last detail which is important, the initials of Viktor & Rolf will decorate a black pin attached to the neck of this original container.

The unique floral lightness of Flowerbomb Bloom

Flowerbomb Bloom will always want to be particularly playful and is described as an energetic and upbeat fragrance. Signed by perfumer Domitille Bertier, already at the origin of the development of the first Flowerbomb, this one has retained its floral aspect while accentuating its fresh and airy side. She explains that “the mantra of this perfume is to make the impossible possible, and to see in winter, spring with the first flower”. Flowerbomb Bloom therefore begins with an invigorating and fruity blend of mandarin and pomegranate. Her heart, meanwhile, is like a huge bouquet to give to the most beautiful of women. This one consists of Damask rose, freesia and jasmine. Nevertheless, an unexpected ingredient makes its appearance here. Used for the first time in perfumery,Flowerbomb Bloom would become almost as fresh as the invigorating air of a mountain peak!

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