Ambre Russe Eau de Parfum

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Ambre Russe Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Parfum d’Empire. The notes of this fragrance are tea, incense, vodka, champagne, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ambergris, vanilla, leather

Ambre Russe Eau de Parfum
Ambre Russe Eau de Parfum


The moment we smelled Ambre Russe, we knew that we found our new Holy Grail amber scent. It is a baroque, luxurious perfume; its very notes spell excess. The legendary wealth of the Tsars, the rivers of vodka and champagne, the tea and honey, the sinful leather, the incense burned as an atonement for one’s sins ?? it’s all here. As rich as it sounds, however, the fragrance is not heavy or overwhelming; the lavish notes are blended masterfully, smoothly, in a composition that is warm, sensual and comforting. After the initial hot blast of amber and incense, a velvety, honey-like accord becomes apparent, along with the feisty and exhilarating ‘boozyness’, which lightens the mood of this dark brew. The tea note, combined with spices and leather, adds very enjoyable smokiness and emphasizes the full-bodied, darkly-ornate character of Ambre Russe. This is an extravagant, captivating perfume, quite unlike any other scent we have ever experienced.

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Specification: Ambre Russe Eau de Parfum


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