Aquae Nobilis Eau de Parfum

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Aquae Nobilis Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Profumum. The notes of this fragrance are Geranium, vetiver, musk, absinth

Aquae Nobilis Eau de Parfum
Aquae Nobilis Eau de Parfum


Ancient and mysterious offerings line the shelves of a sun soaked apothecary. A braid of sweet vetiver grass trapped under a bell jar sits on the counter. Lifting the bell, you are met with the surprising freshness of sweet grass, layered over an earthy dryness….the sensual complexity of something alive… an exotic alchemy must certainly be at work here! This is the true-to-life vetiver creation called Aquae Nobilis. Intriguing, sensuous, vibrant?? the Geranium top note plays up a sweet herbaceous green quality, the Absinth lends a subtle, warm spice while musk fleshes out the rich and smoky underpinnings. Aquae Nobilis is a warm, dry fragrance with resonance. A noble scent indeed.

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Specification: Aquae Nobilis Eau de Parfum


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