Be Careful What You Wish For Parfum Extrait

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Be Careful What You Wish For Parfum Extrait is a fragrance by 4160 Tuesdays. The notes of this fragrance are Pink grapefruit, juniper berry, peach, white oudh, raspberry, strawberry, gaiac, patchouli, vanilla, plum, dark oudh

Be Careful What You Wish For Parfum Extrait
Be Careful What You Wish For Parfum Extrait


An oud scent from 4160 Tuesdays? We didn’t think it would ever happen, mostly because Sarah herself said it probably wouldn’t. After all, with so many companies shoving one oud after another out to market, doing an oud just to do it wouldn’t really seem to be on-brand for a perfumer who is forging a wonderful career out of following her own inspirations. But a fateful trip to Dubai left Sarah with some truly exquisite specimens of agarwood extract and, for the first time, she felt the call. So, how to make an oud scent that’s also, first and foremost, a 4160 Tuesdays scent?
One sniff and the answer is clear. Be Careful What You Wish for is by far the juiciest, fruitiest, most delectably fresh oud we’ve ever smelled. Energized with tantalizingly tart citrus and shot through with sweet peach, this scent still manages to be as deep, woody and captivating as you could hope for. Five types of real oud will do that, but the balance against the fruit strikes a joyous major chord, while the typical funk of decaying wood is replaced with a grand richness that lasts for untold hours. As tongue-in-cheek as the name may be, if you were wishing for an oud scent that breaks free of convention and exudes real, authentic happiness, 4160 Tuesdays is here to deliver.

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Specification: Be Careful What You Wish For Parfum Extrait


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