Bliss du Boche Oud Pure Oud

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Bliss du Boche Oud Pure Oud is a fragrance by Ensar Oud. The notes of this fragrance are Agarwood, Fruity, floral, spiced molasses, violet leaf, lilac

Bliss du Boche Oud Pure Oud
Bliss du Boche Oud Pure Oud


Like a bouquet made of many kinds of flowers, this oud oil gathers different batches of agarwood from all over Cambodia to create a distillation that gives you fantastically prismatic floral tones, rounded off with just the right amount of fruity zest to make this one Ensar Oud’s most treasured brews.
On top of the robustness of the aroma, the integrity of the scent (how the heart of the fragrance remains intact down through the drydown), the artisanal execution of the distillation, you’ll delight in rich fruity chords, spiced molasses, violet leaf and lilac held together by a soft chai creaminess.
Bliss du Boche is so exotic it demands to be worn. As rich and layered an oud as you could wish for and a total pleasure to wear. Fruity enough for the office, lush with flowers for more intimate rendezvous, and with that intrinsic otherworldly agarwoodiness to satisfy your craving for a perfume that’s more than just a smell.

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Specification: Bliss du Boche Oud Pure Oud


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