Desert Suave Eau de Parfum

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Desert Suave Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Liquides Imaginaires. The notes of this fragrance are Cardamom, mandarin, orange blossom, rose, date, sesame, cedar

Desert Suave Eau de Parfum
Desert Suave Eau de Parfum


Imagine opening your eyes in the throes of a dream amidst the shifting sands of a vast and unknowable golden desert. The light floods your perception, and at first, all you see is brightness- a blinding, arresting burst of pure citrus that energizes your senses. As you adjust to the heat and light, a vision emerges, a caravan in the center of the golden sea, resplendent with untold riches of silk and spice. You smell sweet cardamom, sticky honeyed dates, and the nutty, savory smoothness of sesame, all carried on a breeze of aromatic cedar logs piled high atop the wagon. This may be but a dream, you tell yourself, but it’s all the more enchanting for it, the aromas diffused with a floral airiness that elevates the romantically exotic atmosphere, without even a hint of animalics or roughness. This is the dreamworld of Desert Suave. We think you’ll like it here.

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Specification: Desert Suave Eau de Parfum


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