Eau de parfum 1 Million Parfum Paco Rabanne

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Eau de parfum 1 Million Parfum Paco Rabanne is a 2020 Woody Leather Perfume by Paco Rabanne for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Quentin Bisch Christophe Raynaud . Top notes are Tuberose, Cistus. Middle notes are Cashmere wood, Leather, Ambergris. Base notes are Solar Notes, Pine, Sea salt.

Eau de parfum 1 Million Parfum Paco Rabanne
Eau de parfum 1 Million Parfum Paco Rabanne


Paco Rabanne releases a new 1 Million “Perfume” for the year 2020

He first declined it in a sparkling dress sewn with gold plates, before making a perfume: 1 Million , in 2008. Gold is perceived here as the symbol of all fantasies. He embodies pleasures, desires, all that glitters and sometimes makes your head spin. Once again, it sparkles and puts stars in our eyes, with the release of 1 Million Parfum, the 2020 edition of this cult saga signed Paco Rabanne.

1 Million Parfum, a warm floral and leathery essence

Like all the fragrances in the collection, 1 Million Parfum gives off a sweet and tender flavor. So, it could almost be an androgynous scent, loved by both men and women alike. However, its woody notes give it an undeniable character, while its floral breath preserves all its elegance and lightness. But did you know that 1 Million Parfum was born from an accident? Nothing predestined perfume to see the light of day, and yet… As its creator Quentin Bisch confides, “the original idea of ​​this one comes from an accident: back from vacation, I had two broken bottles in my bag. in leather… One of them was my sunscreen and the other a sample of cistus. The smell was absolutely divine! I captured it with a simple formula: a contrasting smell of salted monoi-tuberose mixed with resinous leather ”. Here, Quentin Bisch has chosen to sign this creation in collaboration with perfumer Christophe Raynaud. Both have imagined a floral and slightly salty essence, combining tuberose with a seductive breath of leather and resin. The amber wood gives texture to the whole, while the whole is still patinated with pine.

Joey Bada $$, new face of Paco Rabanne

1 Million Parfum still comes in an ingot -shaped bottle, like its predecessors. Its imposing stature gives it all its strength, while its metallic lacquering gives it an immediate shine. Its name, meanwhile, is finely engraved on its walls, while standing out against a resplendent sun.
On screen, this bottle is proudly showcased by one of the international hip-hop stars: Joey Bada $$. After all, we have to admit that the assumed bling bling side of this perfume fits him like a glove! A true American rap prodigy, Joey Bada $$ grew up in Brooklyn. To this day, he is just as famous for his talents as a musician as he is as an actor. As proof, he illustrated himself in the film “Mr. Robot” alongside Rami Malek. A committed and highly respected artist in his community, he is already preparing to release a new solo album, the launch of which is scheduled for 2020.

Paco Rabanne is a famous Spanish designer, renowned around the world for his inventiveness and his art of reinventing materials to make them unexpected pieces. What is more, since 1969, he has also been one of the most outstanding personalities in perfumery. Each of his creations hits the mark and Paco Rabanne dresses men and women from all walks of life with his colorful perfumes. Combining these two worlds, he decided in 2008 to invent a fragrance similar to a gold bar. This is how 1 Million appeared, to become one of the most famous essences on the planet. Today, the latter is reinventing itself and becomes 1 Million Parfum. So what about its new leathery composition?

1 Million Parfum, a resinous and floral start

1 Million Parfum begins with a very elegant and elegant scent. floral, something rare enough for a masculine scent to be emphasized. Here, the tuberose is highlighted. Originally from Mexico, this flower was introduced to the Provencal region in the 17th century. This is why it is now widely used in perfumery. Slightly heady, tuberose never goes unnoticed. However, it develops many olfactory reliefs and moreover deploys, in 1 Million Parfum, a honeyed, creamy and warm breath. Some would say that tuberose looks a bit like orange blossom. Here, it is associated with cistus, a very Mediterranean plant adorned with white flowers. Balsamic, cistus gives 1 Million Parfum a most irresistible amber and animal scent.

When Paco Rabanne softens cashmere wood leather

Undeniably, 1 Million Parfum is a fragrance designed for seductive and sensual men. As proof, the heart of this fragrance essentially revolves around leathery notes. Since the use of animal materials is strictly prohibited, this leather scent is fully reproduced in the laboratory, with synthetic materials. Thanks to the leather, 1 Million Parfum gives off an almost erotic scent. This effect is further amplified by the addition of ambergris, an animal material that floats in the oceans and takes on a slight salinity. Cashmere wood, for its part, softens the whole, to offer 1 Million Parfum a better balance.

1 Million Parfum ends with a solar salinity

In its base, the saline aspect of 1 Million Parfum continues. Ambergris gives way to a more pronounced sea salt accord. Solar notes also appear, as if ambergris had sailed on the waves under a bright sun. Finally, pine completes this composition with a more woody flavor. This is a great way to assert the masculinity of the man who wears this fragrance. What is more, this raw material of the 1 Million Parfum has a greater persistence.
As usual, 1 Million Parfum is presented to us in a bottle in the form of ingots. Both visually and olfactory, it does not intend to go unnoticed!

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