Flower by Kenzo Kenzo Eau de Parfum

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Flower by Kenzo Kenzo Eau de Parfum is a 2000 Floral Musky Powdery Perfume by Kenzo for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Alberto Morillas . Top notes are Mandarin, Cassie, Pink berries. Middle notes are Pink, Jasmine, Violet, Hedione, Eyelet, Hawthorn. Base notes are Vanilla, White musks.

Flower by Kenzo Kenzo Eau de Parfum
Flower by Kenzo Kenzo Eau de Parfum


Flower by Kenzo: In the middle of the skyscrapers grow fields of flowers …

Born in 2000, “Flower by Kenzo” offers us a fragrant, flowery and delicate universe like a war of wild flowers waged against the ambient sadness of the city …

“Flower by Kenzo “, when the Fairy Woman grows poppies in the city …

The haute-couture universe, like Kenzo perfumery, has been offering us its symbols of magic and enchantment for several decades. Like a trademark, Kenzo spreads its flowers around the world, including its venerable poppy, emblem of the brand. However, the magic of Kenzo makes its flowers grow to share them with the whole world, and if possible, without forgetting to promote its perfume, “Flower by Kenzo”.

With the release of the beautiful “Flower by Kenzo ”in the emblematic year 2000 (like a spring revival?), Kenzo initiated a great feat of street marketing by offering a field of 1,500 pretty wild flowers in the heart of Paris at the Center Pompidou. Then the Kenzo house, on the strength of its success, repeated this magical feat by creating new fields of scented flowers in the largest cities in the world. As for the advertising spots, they remain totally influenced by the dreamlike poetry of the perfume which always develops the red and the fetish poppy of “Flower by Kenzo” around nature, water and of course the woman in contradiction to the gray of the concrete and modern city.

The muses of “Flower by Kenzo”, Shu Qi then in 2009 Lika Minamoto, are also chosen for their grace and their refined and Asian distinction, heroines of advertising films as magical as they are aesthetic . Without forgetting the red poppy, an indelible trace of the “Flower by Kenzo” spirit …

The essence of the poppy transcribed in a powdery floral: “Flower by Kenzo”

How do we create a fragrance with the scent of a poppy when it has no smell and sits in our hands in an ephemeral and fragile way? You have to arouse curiosity and engage everyone’s imagination by offering multiple sources of inspiration.

Thus the bottle of “Flower by Kenzo” is designed by the genius of “250 bottles” Serge Mansau to evoke a long glass rod like a flower that soars through the buildings, or perhaps a symbol of the buildings that s’ soar to free themselves to the sky. Of course, the delicate poppy appears as if encrusted in the glass of “Flower by Kenzo” as if the fragrance’s creator nose, Alberto Morillas, had wanted to capture it in order to better capture its scent …

“Flower by Kenzo” will bring its touch of small scent revolution by offering a modernized return of powdery notes, connoted as outdated, to the new millennium. Thus the top notes will open with tangy and lively notes of mandarin, fruity scents of blackcurrant and spicy notes of pink berries. An astonishing and fragrant cocktail of freshness that will be captured by a flowery heart of precious flowers such as jasmine, hawthorn, rose, carnation and violet. Then the deep and powdery trail created by notes of vanilla, white musks and opoponax will form a modern powdery base full of sensual curves.

“Flower by Kenzo” is therefore formed around a poppy vibrating with powerful materials, punctuated by rare and precious bucolic flights and powdered with round and opulent depths. “The poppy has no smell, Kenzo created its perfume. That of a unique and timeless flower, of a militant flower in the city. “Kenzo.

Released in 2000, “ Flower by Kenzo ”is a fragrance that is as floral as it is poetic. “Flower by Kenzo” echoes the scents of make-up from the past. Indeed, it slightly resembles the rice powders of our grandmothers, the ones that perfumed the bathroom for hours. Reassuring, soft and sensual, the fragrance “Flower by Kenzo” is in fact as addictive as it is surprising. Signed Alberto Morillas, “Flower by Kenzo” is one of the greatest hits of the Kenzo house.

< h2> Flower by Kenzo: Alberto Morillas, alone at the helm of the olfactory masterpiece

Alberto Morillas is self-taught and has learned everything on his own, chemistry, physics and perfumery. Born in Seville, he keeps from his childhood the hot, spicy and fruity scents of Spain. He owes his success to his talent, but also to his first Cartier “Must” perfume. Alberto Morillas is considered an avant-garde perfumer with a significant artistic sense. Alberto Morillas received the award for best perfumer in 2003, the “François Coty” award. He also won a Fifi Adwards for his entire career, in 2013. Regarding his collaboration with the Kenzo house, he affirms “For me, Kenzo perfumes all have in common, a sensitivity , a soul and a commitment. I love the freedom, which they provide especially through the strength of their stories and their visual, very emotional interpretations … “. We owe Alberto Morillas, some more exceptional perfumes than the others, such as “Valentina” by Valentino, “Mademoiselle Ricci” by Nina Ricci, or even “Acqua Di Gio Homme” by Armani.

Flower by Kenzo, the magic of the scented poppy

As much present on the bottle as in the advertisement, the poppy is the emblem of “Flower by Kenzo”. The poppy is a delicate, fragile, ultra-feminine flower and Alberto Morillas has decided to build his composition around this flower, which is rather rare in perfumery. Pure and unexpected, “Flower by Kenzo” perfectly resembles the poppy. In reality, “Flower by Kenzo” was built around three chords.

The first was developed around the Parma violet. The Parma violet is one of the 550 varieties of the violet. Vivacious and rustic, Parma violet delicately displays its purplish color. The second accord is that of wild hawthorn. The latter is a bushy tree, which can be found in all regions of France. The hawthorn notes are reproduced in perfumery, synthetically mainly thanks to anisic aldehyde, first used by Guerlain. Wild hawthorn offers floral and voluptuous tones. Finally, the third chord is built around the Bulgarian rose. The Bulgarian rose finally has a European label. Bulgaria and Turkey are the main producers of Bulgarian rose. Sumptuous and elegant, the Bulgarian flower is unmatched in perfumery. Its scent is floral and essential in niche perfumery. The base is filled with Bourbon vanilla, white musks and opoponax, thus offering an ultra sensual and delicate trail … A unique floral and powdery signature, between naturalness and sophistication.

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