Gucci Première Gucci Eau de Parfum

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Gucci Première Gucci Eau de Parfum is a 2012 Floral Fruity Musky Perfume by Gucci for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Bergamot. Middle notes are Orange Blossom, Peach, Raspberry. Base notes are White musks.

Gucci Première Gucci Eau de Parfum
Gucci Première Gucci Eau de Parfum


Gucci Première, haute couture in a perfume bottle

The Gucci universe is therefore naturally inspired by the world of horse riding, using the stirrup as a symbol. Gucci products quickly attracted an international and sophisticated clientele … The brand has not yet celebrated its 100 candles, but it is one of the 100 largest global brands. Gucci entered the world of perfumery in 1997 with “Envy”. In 2012, Gucci unveiled “Gucci Première”, a very feminine and intriguing fragrance.

The Gucci Première 2010 collection

In 2012, the Gucci brand unveiled its feminine perfume, “Gucci Première ”. This is fully in line with the collection of the same name, “Gucci Première Couture” unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010. The perfume celebrates the star that sleeps in every woman, as the brand “Gucci Première celebrates the star” explains. in every woman. Wherever she is, she is greeted with admiration. She is a modern icon ”. Like the collection, the “Gucci Première is ultra feminine” fragrance. Like a star walking the red carpet with her sheath dress, the “Gucci Première” woman makes her debut. Haute Couture Creative Director Frida Giannini has created luxurious evening gowns worn by stars like Cameron Diaz, Naomi Watts,

The seductive notes of Gucci Première

“Gucci Première” unveils sophisticated aromas, punctuated by vigorous notes of wood and musk. “Gucci Première” opens with the luminosity of orange blossom. This is associated with the freshness of bergamot and gives an additional luminous glow. The heart is a bouquet of majestic white flowers combined with a sensual and magnetic musk. The base is a mix of creamy woods and leather. The cocktail is then intoxicating and embodies absolute beauty. The golden bottle is a reinterpretation of the iconic “Gucci by Gucci” bottle. Around the collar is a medal and the Gucci horse bit. “Gucci Première”… A collection, an emblem, an icon.

To shine with its 2010 “Gucci Première” collection, the brand imagines a fragrance of the same name. Attractive, feminine at will, “Gucci Première” is like a star in the spotlight, she shines and you only see her. The composition is luminous, flowery and sensual. With ‘Gucci Première’, perfume and haute couture become one …

Gucci perfumes exude all the glamor and sensuality of haute-couture clothing from the famous Italian label. The perfumes for women are especially composed to be elixirs of love and desire that go perfectly with the inimitable style that Tom Ford launched in the 90s. After Gucci Guilty languorous at wish will be born the ultimate star Gucci Première for make all women red carpet queens.

Gucci Première, every woman is a star in the firmament …

It is clear that if the beautiful brand Italian founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 is today one of the star brands of fashion, it is thanks to the absolute influence of Tom Ford who came to revolutionize the Gucci spirit by infusing it with a new era, that of porn chic. In this way, the Gucci spirit and its ancestral know-how will be shaken up in the 90s by the desires and inspirations of a Tom Ford at the height of his talents. It was also under his auspices that Gucci launched into perfumery in 1997 with Envy. From then on, the brand will only have to offer perfumes for glamorous and furiously sensual women until reaching its climax with Gucci Guilty, a true aphrodisiac essence.

With its successor, Gucci Première, the sensuality will no longer be the master of the agreements although it still remains there, Gucci perfume obliges. Gucci Première has therefore left the chic porn era to offer us the lighting effects of star glamor, Hollywood sunshine or a red carpet climb under the spotlights of the Cannes Film Festival. It is not for nothing that this Gucci perfume took the name of the haute-couture collection which made its debut at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010!

However, Gucci Première will not be the preserve of a few stars in search of a luxurious perfume, on the contrary he wants to offer all women the possibility of feeling at any time a star parading in haute-couture dress. Gucci Première is a dream, a perfumer has been able to design it for everyone…

Brightness and bursts of vintage champagne accords for the Gucci Première fragrance

In a rather strange way we only know rarely the perfumers who participated in the compositions of the Gucci house. While the trend is to honor the talented perfumers who make up our greatest fragrances, the Gucci label prefers to keep them secret. Whatever! Gucci Première is a jewel of light that cannot share the top of the bill with anyone other than himself…

Gucci Première thus opens with a surprising marriage that plays with the freshness of bergamot to take us intensely towards the splendor and opulence of an orange blossom that lights us up with a thousand lights. In the heart, white flowers play with their grace to better adorn us with their scents as spectacular as a Gucci evening dress. On the other hand, unlike Gucci dresses, these pretty flowers will be enveloped in a warm “stole” of white musks. Finally, the leathery notes will marry the creamy woods to form a powerful and sensual wake to each star that lies dormant in us …

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