Hugo Reversed Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss

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Hugo Reversed Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss is a 2019 Woody Aromatic Cologne by Hugo boss for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Bergamot, Grapefruit. Middle notes are Rosemary. Base notes are Vetiver.

Hugo Reversed Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss
Hugo Reversed Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss


Hugo Man revisited once again with Hugo Reversed

With Hugo Reversed, Hugo Boss created the event once again by daring to offer a masculine scent just as unique as the pretty capsule fashion collection released in 2018.

Hugo Reversed, a Hugo Boss masculine fragrance that surprises us once again!

From fashion to perfumes, there is only one step and Hugo Boss likes to take it regularly by offering men’s fragrances that correspond in every way to the clothing style of men who adhere to the label.

At Hugo Boss, there will be modern and fresh scents than the absolute bestseller Hugo Man of the 90s which goes wonderfully with the sober t-shirts just adorned with the logo. There will also of course be those perfumes that dress the so chic Hugo Boss costume like the magnificent and unmistakable Boss Bottled or the sensual and so virile Boss the Scent.

Then from 2019, Hugo Reversed will be the perfume of these young and fiery men who have worn with pleasure and daring the Hugo Reversed collection and its logo upside down. A collection and now a perfume that come to amaze with their creativity and please the youngest with their desire to shine on the famous fashion selfies as well as their contrasting scents.

“Constantly evolving, the HUGO REVERSED collection is aligned with the avant-garde trend that is taking hold of our windows. This new collection is contemporary and in perfect harmony with those who wear it. Paulette, on Hugo Reversed.

Hugo Reversed is therefore a fragrance that fits more than ever at the heart of the trend and modernity that Hugo, the Hugo Boss fashion label, wants to promote for young men.

Between woody sensualities and intense citrus freshness, Hugo Reversed stands out

With Hugo Man, the Hugo Boss house was able to demonstrate in 1995 that it knew how to create invigorating and fresh fragrances without losing an ounce of its absolute elegance. Thus Hugo Man will dress with its flowery freshness for years the new Hugo Boss men, the men who wear jeans and white T-shirts with as much chic as those who wear the suit.

Hugo Reversed reminds us of the vitality of this Hugo Man (or Hugo Signature), as it embodies with its contrary but complementary facets the ultra modern man who wears the Hugo Reversed collection.

Opening with a note of Calabrian bergamot and grapefruit, Hugo Reversed is ultra tonic and its Mediterranean scents of rosemary will only increase this intense feeling of uncluttered freshness. A freshness that will however come colored with a totally opposite vetiver from Haiti. A rather rare vetiver in its raw state but yet so sublime thanks to its earthy, smoky and woody facets which remind us of the desire for authenticity of this man Hugo Reversed who plays with logos to create surprise.

Hugo Reserved, the new aromatic and woody juice signed Hugo Boss

Since 1995, the Hugo collection by Hugo Boss has been aimed at young and independent men, eager for freedom. Its motto is simple: “don’t imitate, innovate!” “. With such an entrepreneurial spirit, Hugo immediately aroused envy, appearing as an essential essence of the Hugo Boss brand. Clearly surfing on his success, the brand repeatedly decided to transform him. Even today, following on from the previous Hugo Urban Journey of 2018, a newcomer is still emerging. Hugo Reserved creates a sort of link with the brand’s couture universe and is displayed as one of the most anticipated juices of the year 2019. So, what are its ingredients? Where does its aromatic scent come from?

Rosemary at the center of Hugo Reserved’s composition

Hugo Reserved is an infinitely aromatic fragrance. Thus, he relies on one of the most Mediterranean plants there is to highlight its vegetal scent. Rosemary has always been associated with men’s perfumery. In addition, it was one of the major ingredients used in the recipe for the traditional Eau de Cologne. As a result, he gives Hugo Reserved a part of timelessness here, widening the circle of consumers of this new essence to all generations. Very invigorating, it gives Hugo Reserved an undeniable ardor. Rosemary here accompanies man in all his daily challenges. It turns out to be fresh, spicy and woody. All in finesse, it is fully in line with current trends, while possessing within it a rich olfactory heritage

The other olfactory riches of Hugo Reserved perfume

Hugo Reserved is a richly developed fragrance, both contrasting yet very harmonious. In turn, it blows hot and cold, creating an explosion of scents in the process. It starts off with a citrus duo, highlighting the fresh breath of bergamot and grapefruit. Bergamot is a fruit resulting from the cross between lemon and sour orange. Its scent is at the same time floral, zesty and tangy. Here again, bergamot was widely used in Eaux de Cologne. Hugo Reserved therefore preserves total consistency in its recipe. Grapefruit, on the other hand, has a more bitter and slightly sour smell. These two ingredients are balanced by the warmer presence of vetiver. Very famous in men’s perfumery, this woody root from Haiti releases an immediately identifiable scent. It gives Hugo Reserved a smokiest and warmest breath, slightly earthy. Thus, Hugo Reserved lets float behind him a more masculine scent, evocative of the shade of an undergrowth. In general, Hugo Reserved is the perfume of an ambitious and determined man, both elegant and always authentic.

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