Hugo Urban Journey Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss

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Hugo Urban Journey Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss is a 2018 Woody Aromatic Cologne by Hugo boss for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Floral notes, Green note. Middle notes are Black tea. Base notes are Gaiac wood, Sandalwood.

Hugo Urban Journey Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss
Hugo Urban Journey Eau de Toilette Hugo Boss


Hugo Urban, the masculine fragrance of Hugo Boss

Quickly he won the hearts of men. Today, to perpetuate its notoriety, Hugo Boss continues to reinterpret it and give it different faces. After Hugo Just Different from 2011 and Hugo Red from 2013, Hugo Extreme revealed a more fiery facet of the character of the Hugo Boss man. Hugo Iced from 2017, meanwhile, took on a more daring freshness. Today, the freshness has remained but the urban universe of Hugo has been amplified. Get ready to welcome the latest Hugo Urban of 2018.

Hugo Urban Journey, the scent of a man eager for freedom

Hugo Urban is a new perfume which nevertheless perfectly respects the philosophy of the very first Hugo of 1995. It is a sort of declaration of independence and is intended for all men wishing to live as they see fit. As its name suggests, Hugo Urban plunges us into today’s urban jungle. It is aimed at all men in their diversity and simply brings them a breath of freshness inviting them to surpass themselves. Hugo Urban appears to be the ideal companion to meet the challenges of everyday life. Like the first Hugo, he has a motto that could not be clearer: “Don’t imitate, innovate! “. Hugo Urban is the essence of an individual identity. Simply bearing the first name of the creator, it goes straight to the point and reduces the universe of the sign to the essential.

Hugo Urban, a breath of freshness takes hold of Hugo Boss

This liveliness and competitive spirit translate into a real burst of freshness. Hugo Urban sets off on a combination of citrus fruits and Himalayan flowers. Thus, it breaks the suffocating atmosphere of the city ​​and seems to bring with it a new breath of vitality. Then, its heart becomes more aromatic. It contains black tea and thus affirms all the power of the Hugo Urban man. Finally, he explores a more masculine universe and strengthens his virility at its core. Hugo Urban ends with a scent of guaiac wood.

Gray concrete now inhabits the Hugo Urban Journey bottle

From then on, it only remained for Hugo Boss to make a bottle in accordance with this message and this philosophy. The silhouette of Hugo Urban remains ess entially the same as that of its predecessors. Its bottle looks like a gourd, as if its ambition were to bring a source of life water right in the middle of the sometimes suffocating city. On the other hand, its former transparency has given way to a gray opacity. The Hugo Urban bottle is presented in a raw material similar to concrete. Moreover, this texture is also present on its cardboard packaging. Only the name of Hugo Urban contrasts with the visual harmony of the whole. It is displayed in a red color characteristic of all the ardor of the new man Hugo Boss.

Hugo Boss was above all famous for its chic and urban clothing lines. By offering Hugo in 1996, the fashion label was able to prove that it also had a say in perfumery. Hugo’s success is immediate and will give rise to many other variations, including Hugo Iced in 2017 and Hugo Urban Journey in 2018. Hugo Urban Journey will, on the other hand, be more contrasted than all of its many elders by playing hot and cold to accompany all men. throughout their hectic days.

Hugo Urban Journey or absolute modernity by Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss was able to assert itself in the 90s with an urban chic and relaxed style that caused a sensation both with an elegant male audience and ‘for young people looking for a casual sportswear style. Born in 1996, Hugo, to this day the label’s bestseller, will bring together all these styles in a single bottle, offering both the sporty and modern energy of fresh notes and the sophisticated elegance of floral and fruity notes.

Faced with the wave of love that Hugo encountered, Hugo Boss will decline this masculine juice that has become cult in many fragrances which will sometimes play on freshness such as Hugo Energise or Hugo Iced, sometimes on contrasts and notes sensual such as Hugo Red, Hugo Just Different or even the young Hugo Urban Journey.

Hugo Urban Journey will therefore use the green and flowery accords of its elders to make them collide in burning woody sensualities by a new note that has become the star of the fragrance, black tea.

“Hugo Urban Journey is the scent of the modern-day urban explorer. Do you dare to go on an adventure? »Hugo Boss for Hugo Urban Journey.

When black tea and flowers replace fruit, Hugo Urban Journey becomes intense

Where most perfume houses highlight the creators of their fragrances by giving them a voice on their creations, Hugo Boss prefers to let the bottles and muses speak for themselves, carrying a strong message. So for this Hugo Urban Journey we quickly understand that the brand wanted to adapt to the hectic pace of today’s men by offering them an “urban” fragrance that would adapt to both the positive energy they need and ‘to their desires to please and be sensual.

Hugo Boss Urban Journey will therefore present itself in a much more contrasting light than the previous bottles in the Hugo range. Moreover, the famous aromatic notes have long been present in Hugo perfumes like the innovative fruity notes in 1996, have disappeared in favor of vegetal notes.

Thus Hugo Urban Journey opens with flowers and green notes married to a unique tangy and tonic note of Himalayan long-leaf morine (Himalayan wallflower). In the heart, the fruity notes have therefore disappeared and are replaced by a note of black tea that is both vegetal but above all hot, smoky and somewhat mysterious. Guaiac wood and sandalwood will close these beautiful contrasts between heat and freshness by bringing a sensual and charming background to this beautiful Hugo Urban Journey.

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