Hyde Eau de Parfum

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Hyde Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Hiram Green Perfumes. The notes of this fragrance are Lemon, bergamot, birch tar, acacia, cistus labdanum, malt, vanilla, oakmoss


A venomously enchanting potion to turn the meek into monsters, Hyde is an unforgettably dark and smoky leather spiked with bolts of green, spicy florals. A flash of bright citrus marks the start of the transformation, and is quickly overtaken with a sensually sinister smokiness that fills the senses and floods the imagination. As your perception adjusts, the intensity of the smoke makes way for the subtleties that lie within, courtesy of the Cassie flower, a unique relative of mimosa with distinctly spicy and fresh green characteristics. But Hyde is a beastly fragrance through and though, and even as the complexity grows, complete with resinous labdanum and smooth, malted vanilla, the overall effect is captivatingly dark, intensely powerful, and wholly unforgettable. Let the power of Hyde transform you, but be warned- there may be no turning back.

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Specification: Hyde Eau de Parfum


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