Kenzo Flower in the Air Eau de Parfum

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Kenzo Flower in the Air Eau de Parfum is a 2013 Floral Woody Fruity Powdery Perfume by Kenzo for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Alberto Morillas . Top notes are Pink berries, Pear. Middle notes are Pink, Violet, Raspberry. Base notes are Amber woods, White musks.

Kenzo Flower in the Air Eau de Parfum
Kenzo Flower in the Air Eau de Parfum


Flower in the air: Kenzo’s poppy becomes a flower of the sun …

With Flower in the Air in 2013, the poppies literally flee from their asphalt to offer us a captivating visual spectacle as well as a new fragrance where the rose, queen of scents, is exposed between sweet fruity notes. Let us take off with delight in the high scented aerobatics of this Flower in the Air!

When Flower in the Air makes the poppy fly to make us dream better!

Kenzo remains one of the undisputed masters of poetic reverie in perfumes, of the image of paradise lost in the very heart of our cities, of golden elephants and poppies growing even in concrete. With Flower in the Air, communication literally flies into the high spheres of dreams to offer us an unforgettable journey through the clouds.

The beautiful and enigmatic Shu Qi, the sweet muse of Flower, is the spectator of this incredible spectacle where the poppies tired of their gray lands fly up towards the air, covering this sad world with an invasion of red flowers, like a spring revival, maybe also a revival of love? Flower in the Air does not skimp on poetry to surprise us and its launch in perfumery was marked by a huge release of red balloons, of course, in the heart of Paris. It is said, Flower in the Air sells us dreams and perfume in a totally inseparable way!

“The new KENZO dream … to flower the sky. Free poppy, the scent of an aerial flower for a more beautiful world … ”Kenzo for Flower in the Air.

A dazzling rose and a delicate and silky femininity like a Flower in the Air …

Designed by Serge Mansau, the Flower in the Air bottle offers a unique and original design where the poppy sits in the large cabochon of the stopper as if to better imbue the round and luminous transparency of the round bottle with its beauty. Thus the design of this Flower in the Air stands out completely from the slender flower of Flower.

It is the juicy and sweet pear notes associated with the delicately peppery and flowery pink berries that opens this beautiful Flower in the Air. Then the dazzling rose, a unique raw material created for Kenzo, mingles with magnolias and gardenias to make this sweet fragrance soar in floral tunes which will be accompanied wonderfully by a few breezes of raspberry and violet. Finally, the flowery and airy cloud arises in soft sensualities of amber woods and white musks to exhale the woman of Flower in the Air in all her most beautiful faces.

Alberto Morillas wanted to create with Flower in the Air a tribute to “all the women of yesterday, today and tomorrow” by offering them a poetic, fragrant and sensual tale that can be carried like a fresh and voluptuous cloud, ready to let the light in …

With “Flower in The Air ”released in 2013, it’s time for dreams and freedom. Here, the poppy flies away in an ultra light and delicate way. The poppy, emblematic flower of the Kenzo house, then becomes an absolutely dazzling aerial flower. In 2000, we got to know the poppy through the fragrance “Flower”, and poppies were growing on concrete. Today, the poppy is back and it says to us “How about taking the time to live?” ”

Flower in The Air, a freedom signed by perfumer Alberto Morillas

Born in 1950 in Seville (Spain), Alberto Morillas is totally self-taught . After studying Fine Arts, he joined Firmenich following an article he had read on Guerlain. There, Alberto Morillas learned perfumery there. It was in 1977 that he obtained his title of Perfumer, then in 1998 that of “Maitre Parfumeur”. In 1981, at only 24 years old, he created “Must” de Cartier which will propel him to the front of the stage. In 2003, Alberto Morillas will be rewarded for the whole of his career (approximately 300 fragrances), and receives the Coty Prize. Alberto Morillas is considered not only as a very talented perfumer, but also avant-garde and ultra sensual, and likes to create emotions above all. We owe to Alberto Morillas great successes, com me “Pi” by Givenchy, “Belle d’Opium” by Yves Saint Laurent or even “Acqua Di Gio Homme” by Armani.

Flower in The Air or the quintessence of Kenzo flowers

“Flower in The Air” is undoubtedly an ultra feminine essence thanks to the presence of numerous flowers. The fragrance takes off on a juicy and sparkling raspberry. This is then enhanced with rose berries. Also known as “Pink Pepper”, rose berries are native to South America. It looks like a pepper tree, but the pink peppercorn is not a variety of pepper. The berries hang in clusters and when they mature, they show a bright pink color. Today, pink pepper is mainly cultivated in Madagascar and Reunion Island, where it is called “Reunion rose gold”. In perfumery, rose berries give off fruity, spicy, anise and peppery tones. The heart of “Flower in The Air” then evolves towards very feminine notes, as it combines gardenia, rose and magnolia. The gardenia is a flower of dazzling beauty. The gardenia is found in southern China, Japan and India. The gardenia takes its name from the American botanist who discovered it in the 18th century. In the language of flowers, the gardenia symbolizes romanticism and secret loves. In perfumery, the gardenia offers very floral, opulent and also green tones. Finally, the base of “Flower in The Air” is very sensual thanks to the presence of white musks. With its round shape and transparency, the bottle is also ultra feminine. In its cap, we find the red poppy encrusted in the glass, which recalls the freedom and the beauty of flowers.

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