La Femme Prada Prada Eau de Parfum

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La Femme Prada Prada Eau de Parfum is a 2016 Oriental Floral Perfume by Prada for woman. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Daniela Andrier . Top notes are Frangipani, Ylang ylang. Middle notes are Beeswax, Tuberose. Base notes are Vanilla.

La Femme Prada Prada Eau de Parfum
La Femme Prada Prada Eau de Parfum


The many facets of La Femme Prada

It is designed like a sumptuous Prada evening dress, with extreme sophistication combined with a hint of daring. It is as bewitching as it is feminine and has an absolutely unique character.

The many facets of La Femme Prada

With this perfume, the brand wanted to communicate a message to us: there is not a single woman in the world and it is a little of each of them that we find in this perfume. It seems to have redefined the world of femininity, retaining its elegance and refinement while adding a grain of universality. Miuccia Prada, artistic director of the brand, was then inspired by the multiple contradictions of the feminine character to create a juice sewn of contrasts and complementary facets. La Femme Prada is a perfume that is far removed from conventional clichés in the world of perfumery. He has unfailing confidence and a character made of strength and determination. It takes us on a unique sensory journey, both loaded with memories but turned towards the future, dedicated to Western as well as Eastern women. His speech is unequivocal: La Femme Prada is a universal and timeless fragrance. What is more, he is associated with a male counterpart of the same lineage. As Miuccia Prada explains, in these fragrances: “there is the idea of ​​La Femme Prada and L’Homme Prada, but in reality, they don’t exist. There are many ”. they do not exist. There are many ”. they do not exist. There are many ”.

The Prada Woman, a perfume sewn like a huge bouquet of white flowers

La Femme Prada is a fragrance created by perfumer Daniela Andrier. It is a fragrance made of emotions and departing from the traditional path of feminine perfumery. In addition, it highlights the frangipani flower, an ingredient famous for its heady scents. This reveals here a solar, sensual and floral note. For even more tenderness and sunshine, it is then coupled with the exoticism of ylang-ylang. Beeswax, for its part, further softens the whole while the vanilla plunges the whole into a suave and warm impulse. Vetiver also rounds off this fragrance with its woody and deep aromas. Also, if La Femme Prada is absolutely fascinating when it comes to fragrances, it seems that its design does not left nothing to chance either. This forms a thick rectangle of glass on its front face. His back, on the other hand, is rounded. A golden insert is then embedded in the background of its glass as if to sparkle a golden light source of sunlight on a daily basis. The base of this case is then cut like a prism. Finally, a more sober cabochon made of gold metal sublimates this set while the name of Prada is engraved on its front face.

In 2016, the Prada house unveiled one of the greatest couples in modern perfumery, the Prada Woman and the Prada Man. Miuccia Prada, at the head of the Prada house, wanted to make this couple ultra contemporary and divinely sensual essences. “La Femme Prada” will therefore be a sensual and extremely floral essence, enhanced by a gold-colored bottle. Perfectly well structured, the composition of “La Femme Prada” is signed Danièla Andrier, bringing a new collaboration between the perfumer and the Prada house.

Danièla Andrier and the Prada house, a fragrant love story

Danièla Andrier displays a beauty described as “Hitchcockian” which stands out discreetly. According to her, the perfume “gives poetry, depth to the past, by olfactively and emotionally supporting our memory … It is a common thread. I remember all the scents of my grandmother and my mother. My aunt wore Chanel 19, a very refined scent that reminded me of autumn leaves … “Danièla Andrier is at the origin of the majority of Prada perfumes. She evokes Miuccia Prada with great admiration and affirms “Madame Prada is a very free, courageous woman who seeks, & nbsp; finds, takes risks, does not count, makes you dream and & nbsp; embodies luxury … If there is a brand for me that represents luxury, it is his. ” Danièla Andrier is at the origin of many fragrances such as “Prada Candy”, “Les Infusions Prada” or even “Emporio Elle” by Armani.

Iris, at the heart of La Femme Prada < / h2>

“La Femme Prada” is defined as an oriental floral, chic and ultra elegant. Danièla Andrier’s composition begins with new, and at the very least original, notes, namely beeswax combined with spices. Her heart is at the same time very floral, feminine and luminous. It combines tuberose, ylang-ylang, frangipani flower and iris which coats the heart with its rich and powdery appearance. Iris is not only one of Miuccia Prada’s favorite materials, along with amber, but mainly one of the most expensive materials in niche perfumery. The iris is also called “the Blue Gold of perfumery”, so noble is its use. In fact, it is these rhizomes that are used to obtain the iris absolute. The name “iris” comes from the Greek and means “Messenger of the Gods”. In France, the use of iris powder dates back to the time when Catherine de Medici introduced it to court to apply makeup. The iris therefore gives off very powdery tones, but also green, floral with a touch of violet. Finally, the base of “La Femme Prada” is suave and sensual, because it combines vanilla and vetiver. The bottle then gives a final size to this sublime composition, an ultra elegant gold bottle. There is no doubt that the Prada Man and Woman form a deliciously sensual olfactory couple.

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