L’Eau Kenzo Eau de Toilette for Men Kenzo

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L’Eau Kenzo Eau de Toilette for Men Kenzo is a 2000 Citrus Aromatic Cologne by Kenzo for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Olivier Cresp . Top notes are Yuzu, Lime, Black pepper. Middle notes are Marine note, Lotus, Mint. Base notes are White musks, Cedar.

L’Eau Kenzo Eau de Toilette for Men Kenzo
L’Eau Kenzo Eau de Toilette for Men Kenzo


Water for Men, a force of nature

Both very fresh and very powerful, L’Eau de Kenzo pour Homme displays its Asian originality among the citrus fragrances to better serve as a duo with the now very famous Eau de Kenzo pour Femme.

< h2> L’Eau de Kenzo pour Homme, a symbiosis with nature, a symbiosis with the Kenzo woman

How not to “surf” on the obvious success of Eau de Kenzo pour Femme by creating its inseparable alter- ego for men? It would have been a shame indeed if these gentlemen did not meet Olivier Cresp’s pretty citrus aquatic, L’Eau de Kenzo pour Homme.

In a rather natural way, the release of the male opus of Eau de Kenzo was presented to us as a meeting with its female counterpart. Since 1999, Eau de Kenzo for Women and Eau de Kenzo for Men have been systematically presented together. From then on, the advertisements and visuals of Kenzo’s waters will be common and they will present us with poetry and enchantment beautiful encounters between Man and Woman. Patrick Guedj, director of the Kenzo films for ten years, explains this common vision to us simply: “A new communication, a new interpretation of WATER, a hypnotic encounter, a magnetic attraction between a man and a woman …” Patrick Guedj for L’Eau de Kenzo.

Thus the latest Kenzo Water for Men (and for Women) presents campaign us with a grandiose film in which the two muses Alejandra Alonso and Clément Chabernaud meet for the first time. Based on the ultimate attraction between two beings, and two scents, the two characters open the waters in their path to meet. The whole universe is totally devoted to them and even the little goldfish, from the first installments of Eau de Kenzo pour Femme, can’t resist it!

Eau de Kenzo pour Homme vibrates with fresh Asian scents

The packaging of Eau de Kenzo pour Homme has never ceased to move closer, like advertising campaigns, to its female counterpart. As a result, the bottle of Eau de Kenzo pour Homme is today designed as a solid block of glass composed with the sole aim of being able to fit together perfectly with Eau de Kenzo for Women. On the other hand, the packaging of the bottle distinguishes it from the female water lily flower by offering calm and tranquil water.

Eau de Kenzo pour Homme offers a fresh and dazzling start made up of tangy notes of lime and yuzu, the little Japanese lemon. Then we plunge to the heart, reveling in the vegetal and powerful notes of Ho Leaf, a rosewood. Finally, the lotus leaf brings us its calm and wisdom without forgetting the spiciness of black pepper and the aromatic power of frosted mint. This increased tone will find its peaceful bed in a water offering sensual depths of cedar wood and white musks.

“Scents of wood, fruit, leaves. KENZO takes this water bursting with color for a sensual encounter with the skin. »Kenzo pour L’Eau de Kenzo pour Homme.

Released in 2000, “ L’Eau Kenzo pour Homme ”is a fragrance close to nature. Authentic and minimalist, “L’Eau Kenzo pour Homme” is truly fresh water inspired by nature as a source of life. Sincere, the essence “L’Eau Kenzo pour Homme” is nonetheless captivating. Like its female counterpart “L’Eau Kenzo pour Femme”, “L’Eau Kenzo pour Homme” takes off in nature in order to sublimate it and offer a radiant juice of truth. The composition is signed Olivier Cresp.

L’Eau Kenzo pour Homme, a fresh fragrance by Olivier Cresp

Born in Grasse, big rears – Olivier Cresp’s parents cultivated the flower fields, while his grandparents and parents traded them. In relation to his childhood, Olivier Cresp says “It was wonderful! I loved to smell the jasmine that bloomed between May and September, not to mention tuberoses, May roses and violets. I loved watching the process of extracting lavender, lavandin and iris. This is the environment in which I grew up. If I had been born elsewhere, I might not have done the same job as today ”… Since 1992, Olivier Cresp has worked at Firmenich, he has been a master perfumer since 2006. Particularly avant-garde, Olivier Cresp is working on several projects at the same time. We owe him, among others, “Nina” by Nina Ricci, “Noa” by Cacharel or even “Kokorico” by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

The aromatic freshness of Eau Kenzo pour Homme

“L’Eau Kenzo pour Homme” will begin with invigorating and fusantes, that of yuzu, lime associated with the frosty freshness of mint. Originally from China, yuzu is currently cultivated in Japan, in the province of Tohoku. The surface of its skin is irregular and thick and its color is yellow. Yuzu is considered the Japanese lemon, and it is particularly popular in Asian cuisine. In perfumery, yuzu essential oil is obtained by cold expression of the zest. The yuzu gives off lemony, tangy and sparkling tones. The heart of “L’Eau Kenzo pour Homme” is transparent and fresh thanks to the presence of lotus and ozonic notes, enhanced by a touch of pepper. The sacred lotus, also called the “oriental lotus” is an aquatic plant. Its flower is the symbol of India. In religions like Buddhism, the lotus is a divine symbol. In the language of flowers, the lotus represents purity and self-fulfillment. In perfumery, we can reproduce the scent of the fresh lotus flower using the headspace technique. It is also possible to obtain an absolute by alcohol extraction of lotus concrete. The lotus gives off floral, aquatic and very fresh tones. The base of “L’Eau Kenzo pour Homme” stands out between strength and vigor, and combines cedar and white musks. In 2003, the bottle was changed to an undulating silhouette similar to that of a stream. The thick glass triumphs thanks to the color of the sky, the waves and the tenderness.

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