Manakara Eau de Parfum

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Manakara Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Indult. The notes of this fragrance are rose, lychee

Manakara Eau de Parfum
Manakara Eau de Parfum


The second we smelled this, we were positively overcome by its exotic yet approachable beauty. Named for a village in Madagascar known for its legendary lychee fruit (also spelled litchi), it’s presented here as a sweet, honeyed and mysterious floral-tinged pudding-like fruit fragrance with amazing hidden depths — not purple berry fruit, not bright citrus fruit, but rich and delicate lychee, a scent that’s like tropical fruits meets ripe red fruits with a soft, creamy floral mixed in. We’ve never smelled anything quite like it — ever — and we had gourmand lovers, fruity fans, floral worshippers and even deep, dangerous fragrance lovers sampling this and positively banging their wrists on the counter demanding to buy it…and we didn’t even carry it yet. A custardy, creamy sweet fruit dessert of a perfume laced with rose water, we can’t compare it to anything you’ve ever tried before and we’re quite certain you’ll be utterly smitten by this rare beauty. Moist, sweet, rich and delicate…all at the same time.

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Specification: Manakara Eau de Parfum


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