Night Eau de Parfum

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Night Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Akro. The notes of this fragrance are Bulgarian Rose, Cumin, Saffron, Agaroud

Night Eau de Parfum
Night Eau de Parfum


Night will make you blush. A finger stroke’s worth of cumin imbues an innocently rosy musk with enough inner thigh naughtiness to stop anyone in their track’s, retrace their steps, and follow that divine scent to its source: you. Night is sexy because it dances on that barely perceptible line between clean and dirty, never tipping its hand too far in one direction or the other, and therefore keeping you guessing all the way through.
Picture the aftermath of love ? sheets tangled, traces of clean sweat and passionate kisses cooling quickly on the pillow. Your lover’s gone, but everything still smells of them, including your skin and hair. Mingling with the scent of love is the fresh smell of the neroli and rose soap you both washed with that morning, and the starchy brightness of just-laundered sheets. The prismatic dance between clean and dirty, fresh and lived-in in Night is utterly entrancing; it feels sexy and alive and human.

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Specification: Night Eau de Parfum


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