Orange Star Eau de Parfum

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Orange Star Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Tauer Perfumes. The notes of this fragrance are clementine, red mandarine, lemongrass essential oil, orange flower, violet flower, ambergris, vanilla, patchouli, ambreine

Orange Star Eau de Parfum
Orange Star Eau de Parfum


There’s a special corner of the fragrant firmament reserved for perfumes that go beyond the expected and transcend whatever notions pop into your head when you hear the name or read the notes. Orange Star is one of those remarkable ones, a special fragrance bursting with twinkling citruses like clementine, red mandarine, lemongrass, and brought halfway down to earth with the barely reined-in lusty notes of ambergris, vanilla, patchouli and the resinous ambreine. In between the heavens and earth are a clean and unfussy orange flower and a soft, powdered violet flower with just a tinge of wood. Orange Star bursts with sunny optimism while staying out of airhead territory with a golden incense-like base. A vibrant (and unisex) perfume that’s out of this world.

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Specification: Orange Star Eau de Parfum


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