Oriental Velours Eau de Parfum

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Oriental Velours Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Les Indemodables. The notes of this fragrance are Indian jasmine alcoolat ?Grand Cru?? 5%, Madagascan vanilla ?Grand Cru?? 2.5%, Somalian myrrh 15%, Haitian vetiver?Grand Cru?? 10%, Alpine spruce oil

Oriental Velours Eau de Parfum
Oriental Velours Eau de Parfum


Oriental Velours is as plush as its name suggests, plunging you into a hypnotic reverie of warm, spicy resins, creamy vanilla, and aromatic notes recalling bracing woods and pine needles. Its centerpiece is myrrh, with its woody, subtle licorice facet which finds resonance with vanilla and what smells like a hint of cinnamon. Although the church incense quality of myrrh isn’t overdone here, there’s certainly enough to subliminally suggest rituals and to possibly incite devotion at its perfumed altar.
An almost smoky vetiver pulls the warm notes of Oriental Velours together with its brightness and elegance, adding some lightness to the otherwise nocturnal character of this fragrance. Like all of the fragrances in Les Indémodables’ collection, there’s a seamless melding together of notes in Oriental Velours that quietly draws you in with its mysterious beauty.

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