Oud 27 Perfume Oil Perfume oil

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Oud 27 Perfume Oil Perfume oil is a fragrance by Le Labo. The notes of this fragrance are Atlas cedar, incense, Patchouli, Saffron, Gaiac wood

Oud 27 Perfume Oil Perfume oil
Oud 27 Perfume Oil Perfume oil


Now captured in a Perfume Oil. Ideal for sensitive skin and people who love the hedonic gesture. A delicate but persistent smell. Small and convenient for traveling or purse. Use it on your pulse points, on your hair, your beard. The oil scent keeps close to the skin for a long lasting effect.
The first new worldwide fragrance since Le Labo was created, Oud 27 uses its title note as a point of departure into the richly ornamented, dark and luscious world of oriental perfumes, weaving a story so multi-faceted and vivid that it might be an olfactory equivalent of one of Scheherazade’s tales. The vibrant darkness falls with the very first accord, an extravagantly opulent mix of Atlas cedar and incense. The dry, resinous blend is brightened and softly sweetened by saffron, the golden spiciness of which glistens within the nocturnal fabric of Oud 27 like a constellation of far away stars. Gaiac and patchouli further deepen and enrich the balsamic top notes and lead the scent into an even more sensual territory. At once expansive and wild, yet surprisingly intimate and soft, the scent is beautifully androgynous and would befit both Scheherazade and Shahryar. The creators call Oud 27, One Thousand and One Nights, bottled. We are so mesmerized by this oriental masterpiece that we would wear it for one thousand and one nights in a row and not miss another perfume.
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Specification: Oud 27 Perfume Oil Perfume oil


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