Tigerlust Pure Parfum

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Tigerlust Pure Parfum is a fragrance by Ensar Oud. The notes of this fragrance are Citrus, Fruit, Sweet Aromatic spices, Herbs, Aromatic Woods, Sandalwood, Siberian musk

Tigerlust Pure Parfum
Tigerlust Pure Parfum


Typically, perfumers have a vision in mind, be it a feeling they want to evoke or a marketing theme they have to match. It didn’t work that way this time. This fragrance was simply born out of Ensar Oud’s love of contrasts and experimentation. A curiosity to know what happens when frangipani oozes into orris root and civet gets high on Sichuan pepper. When crushed ambergris sticks to blackcurrant and castoreum goes for a swim in a lake of osmanthus. When obscene amounts of artisanal Chinese oud, Sri Lankan oud, and Maroke oud are poured into an animalic cocktail and then left to steep in vintage Timor sandalwood, tobacco leaf and coffee flower, you really just don’t know what to expect.
Enter Tigerlust. Primal, sensual ?? sexual, even?? this is what happens when Siberian musk comes into contact with gyrinops from the highest mountain peaks of Irian Jaya and they go for a stroll in the Italian countryside.
It’s a fragrance you want to embrace; to make it a part of you every bit as much as the steaming presence of an untamed lover’s skin. An enticing musk, with rose and jasmine hastening it’s intrigue. The top notes are discreetly citrusy, the heart notes shamelessly saucy, and the base is all ouds slooshing drunk on oud, tempered by Mysore from the mid-70s. All the most expensive/sought-after/precious perfume ingredients here, waiting to be experienced. Decadent amounts of all of them in their most pristine form (100% natural, undiluted extracts), carefully proportioned not to let any one steal the show.
Beautifully hand-bound in embossed full-grain Italian calf hide by Habib Dingle, leather sage of the century.

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