War and Peace II Extrait de Parfum

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War and Peace II Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Areej Le Dore. The notes of this fragrance are Amber Resin, Smoky Incense, Rose, Leathery, Balsamic, Chocolaty, Patchouli

War and Peace II Extrait de Parfum
War and Peace II Extrait de Parfum


War and Peace II is an olfactory battle of life and death, where precious aromatics that are complete opposites clash and then infuse into one another, finding balance and harmony.
In the opening, the composition explodes with a smoky incense represented by Himalayan fossilized amber resin over 35 million years old. This prehistoric substance was dry distilled, allowing it to break and release its ancient spirit. These deep and
dark incensy notes layer with one of the softest aromatics known to man: rose. Leathery, balsamic, slightly piney resin incense lays atop the freshly distilled virgin soul of Indian rose: Ruh Gulab, one of the most precious oils in India. A soft, silky rose cloud, covered in ancient black smoke, a flawless marriage of darkness and light.
Powdery and sticky sweet orris root absolute supports the rose, pulling it into the heart, where aged and soothing, chocolaty patchouli awaits. Warm, sensual orris root absolute in combination with Ruh Gulab conveys the feelings of peace and glory, and brings a burst of life into the composition.
Suddenly, everything that came before is swallowed by the power of nuclear, natural musks. Thick, dark waves of salty ambergris, furry deer musk and dirty black leather of castoreum, co-extracted all together by Russian Adam, create a sensation of loud, struggling, deadly war. Animalics take over, capturing and captivating everything along the way. Wild, ferocious currents of civet take the invasion to an even deeper level. Wafts of smoky amber return to the scene, coupled with one of the most leathery, dirty vetivers, creating a bold, olfactory drama. And when the spectacular aromatic battle has finally mellowed, dry and heavy animalic leather remains to dominate at the base; intense and regal, smooth and sensual, leather that lasts for hours and hours…
Here we have faced a juxtaposition of black and white, of life and death, and through it all, we discover in this calmly aggressive composition a harmonious balance. This olfactory poem, War and Peace, will satisfy even the most adventurous fragrance lover.
Version II has been updated with “more refinement” to the ingredients and structure of the fragrance specifically the patchouli and orris root

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Specification: War and Peace II Extrait de Parfum


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