Glossy Stain Guitar Edition Lip Polish

Glossy Stain Guitar Edition Lip Polish
Glossy Stain Guitar Edition Lip Polish

Glossy Stain Guitar Edition, the chic and rock Lip Polish by Yves Saint-Laurent

Since the release of the Black Opium perfume in 2014, it’s no longer a secret: Yves Saint-Laurent likes to play a woman who is both refined but madly rock ‘n’ roll. He encourages each of his clients to live their life with nonchalance, daring and creativity. The Yves Saint-Laurent woman seems to be in perpetual quest for urban adventures. Constantly on the move, she is literally fascinated by rock and experimental art. However, it is once again to pay tribute to this universe that the brand has just declined three new shades of its Lip Polish in a Glossy Stain Guitar edition.

The Vernis à Lèvres by Yves Saint-Laurent, quite a concept!

Before telling you about these new editions, do you know exactly what is going on with Yves Saint-Laurent Lip Polish? These innovative little products are halfway between gloss and lipstick. They have a melting texture, which is very pleasant on a daily basis. What’s more, the Lip Varnishes are enriched with a moisturizing treatment that ensures extreme comfort throughout the day. They continuously nourish the lips and make them smoother day after day. On the aesthetic side, Yves Saint-Laurent Lip Varnishes are characterized by an absolutely fascinating shine, completely enveloping the lips and covering the slightest of their small defects. Basic, this already cult product from Yves Saint-Laurent is available in 16 shades ranging from light pink to purple.Lip Polishes are famous for their ultra pigmented color and for their exemplary hold. Indeed, these products are tested to last for ten consecutive hours, a real feat!

The new Glossy Stain Guitar editions

Faced with the enthusiasm of the public, the Yves Saint-Laurent brand continues to reinterpret its Vernis à Lèvres. Barely a few weeks ago, the brand presented us with three red, yellow and blue bases, the primary colors, allowing to shade all the other colors already present in the collection, by association. This time, as if that weren’t enough, Yves Saint-Laurent decided to personalize his Lip Polish with rock ‘n’ roll sauce. These chic new versions, to say the least musical, highlight the silhouette of a guitar on the front of their small case. The showcase of the new Yves Saint-Laurent Glossy Stain Guitar Lip Polish plays on the opposition between black and gold. The result is a flashy visual without ever overdoing it. Furthermore, Yves Saint-Laurent also saw the opportunity to bring out three new nuances. These are called: Aquatic Coral, Lacquer Red and Fauve Coral. So, what are you waiting for to take hold of these new shades and let yourself be invaded by the new rock and vibrant accords of the Yves Saint-Laurent house?

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