Jaipur Bracelet, the influences of jewelry and India by Boucheron

Jaipur Bracelet, the influences of jewelry and India by Boucheron
Jaipur Bracelet, the influences of jewelry and India by Boucheron

Jaipur is the name of a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Also, she has always inspired the Boucheron house. Jaïpur Bracelet was therefore born in 2012 and follows on from Jaïpur for women and Jaïpur for men. It is a suave and exotic fragrance. This one plunges us into the heart of India and is, as its name suggests, an essence-jewel. It is a kind of statement of elegance that is offered to a woman who assumes full responsibility.

Boucheron’s love for India

The Boucheron house is very famous for its jewelry and its fame is well established. Also, it is the same for his love of India. From the early hours of Maison Boucheron, the Orient inspires its creations and this country in particular. The brand sees a certain magic in it and draws its inspiration from the multitude of colors of the precious stones contained in their sacred land. Also, Louis Boucheron fell in love with Rajasthan on his first trip in 1909. There he discovered the most beautiful maharajas adornments and befriended the Maharajah of Patiala.

This is how the latter will place an order of the most extraordinary, to the point that everyone still keeps in mind nowadays. In August, he will have 1,432 emeralds and 7,571 diamonds delivered to Place Vendôme. He will then ask Boucheron to transform them into 149 pieces of jewelry of rare beauty. Jaipur perfumes therefore pay homage to this man and to this part of the globe. Moreover, its pink color is a nod to the color of the city. Indeed, at the end of the 19th century, the Maharajah of Jaipur had his city completely repainted in pink when the Prince of Wales came. This shade is a traditional symbol of welcome and the Maharajah did not skimp on the means. Also, if one believes its origin, it is a safe bet that Jaïpur Bracelet is a highly prestigious perfume and unparalleled refinement.

Jaïpur Bracelet, a symbol of sensuality

Jaïpur Bracelet begins with fresh and citrus scents. It includes petitgrain, violet leaves, basil and the spicy flavor of verbena. Then, her heart is a real flower festival. However, some scents dominate such as lily of the valley, hyacinth and tagette. The base presents aromas of cashmeran associated with a more woody aspect of cypress. In addition, iris, one of the noblest ingredients of the perfumer’s entire palette, finishes off sublimating the whole and enhancing its luxurious appearance. The bottle, meanwhile, gives us all the sensuality of Rajasthan. It pays homage to the city palace and the pink color it had once been repainted. It takes the form of a pale pink glass case, sculpted like a bracelet with its gadroons on the shoulders.

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