La Pausa Chanel Perfume

28 La Pausa, a return to Mediterranean reveries for Chanel

28, La Pausa celebrates the magnificent villa that Gabrielle Chanel owned and the perfume composed by Jacques Polge is meant to transcribe the flowers of his extraordinary garden… 28 La Pausa celebrates the iris and gives us back in scents the emotions of the Mediterranean that Gabrielle dreamed of.

La Pausa, Coco Chanel’s lair perfume by Jacques Polge for Les Exclusifs

The Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection draws precious olfactory portraits of the great values And the most beautiful memories of the house of Chanel and of its dear founder Gabrielle Chanel. With this collection Jacques Polge selects the rarest scented raw materials to depict us the fantastic and enchanted universe of the great Coco Chanel. If each Les Exclusifs perfume is a trip down memory lane, 28 La Pausa is also a trip to the Mediterranean.

Indeed Jacques Polge composed La Pausa in homage to the magnificent villa that Gabrielle Chanel had built in 1928 in Roquebrune Cap Martin. A villa that she has decorated totally in accordance with her contrasting tastes between supreme luxury and great simplicity between farandoles of gilding and an almost monastic facade.

When the lady died, La Pausa was forgotten, but fortunately the house of Chanel chose to buy this emblematic residence in 2015. In order to celebrate this return to basics, Jacques Polge designed a La Pausa as contrasting and powerful as this building in order to honor Coco Chanel in her most beautiful contradictions.

< h2> An iris magnified between luxury and simplicity for the perfume 28 La Pausa

In order to compose La Pausa in an exact olfactory portrait of the home that Gabrielle Chanel drew for her rest in the Mediterranean, Jacques Polge chose to work almost exclusively with the iris, Gabrielle’s favorite flower. But an iris flower more unique than in the other Chanel perfumes so much it appears sometimes powdery and luxurious, sometimes very vegetal, almost earthy as if to be more sober and natural.

To start the journey in 28 La Pausa, what better than to offer us fruity and spicy notes of pink berries embellished with pretty fresh lemons? Then the splendors of jasmine illuminate the magnificent iris pallida which powder all of its flowery opulence. But the powdery flowers will quickly become warmer and more amber thanks to their encounter with the sensual depths of La Pausa. The ambrette will reveal the iris under its most earthy face while transporting us to mysterious vetivers which offer a new and much more obscure face to this magnified iris.

“To evoke the luxury and simplicity of Mademoiselle Chanel’s vacation home , Jacques Polge revealed the facets and contrasts of iris pallida: earthy and powdery, radiant and secret. A sober and elegant powdery woody floral. »Chanel for 28 La Pausa.



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