Le Lion De Chanel Chanel Eau de Parfum

Le Lion, the last of Chanel’s Exclusive perfumes

If this transformation has been made possible, it is above all because some female combatants have dared to show strength and courage to upset the established order. Among the most emblematic figures of female emancipation: Gabrielle Chanel. Regularly, the brand bearing her name pays tribute to this founder who is simply impossible to forget. Today, a niche fragrance called Le Lion de Chanel is joining the Exclusifs de Chanel collection. Once again, this is an elegant nod to the one we nicknamed Coco …

Le Lion de Chanel, a reference to the personality and history of Gabrielle Chanel

If you are a fervent admirer of the Chanel brand, you will know that the Lion is an omnipresent part of its history. Indeed, Gabrielle Chanel very often included this animal in her creations, both in some of her clothes and as a button or on her jewelry. Gabrielle Chanel was also born under the zodiac sign of Leo. She was then inspired by this symbol as a pledge of courage, strength and grace. It is therefore natural that the Lion now occupies a place in its line of perfumes.

The prestigious Chanel Exclusives collection

Le Lion de Chanel joins one of the most luxurious assortments of perfumery: that of the Exclusifs de Chanel. This olfactory blend brings together several noble essences, referring to highlights, key dates or important elements in the history of Chanel. All the juices in this collection are also made from very refined raw materials. The Lion of Chanel is, like its predecessors, a symbol of luxury, refinement and rarity. With him, Olivier Polge made the animal a figurehead of daring, strength and elegance: “I was much more interested in the iconic Lion of Chanel, he says, than in the animal. “.

The oriental and animal breath of the Lion by Chanel

Le Lion de Chanel is an animal scent, built around powerful amber notes. It opens first with a very fresh and sparkling combination of citrus fruits. Bergamot and lemon become one to form an invigorating and very energizing boost. Then, Le Lion de Chanel evolves towards warmer and oriental tones. Labdanum resin is used here for its animal connotations. The whole is then relayed by a base of vanilla from Madagascar, particularly sweet. Musk further amplifies the sensuality of this fragrance. Finally, patchouli and sandalwood give structure to the whole, while giving it greater persistence.
The Lion of Chanel is expected on the Middle Eastern market from May 2020, then from January 2021 in the rest of the world.



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