New set for the My Burberry Black fragrance

New set for the My Burberry Black fragrance
New set for the My Burberry Black fragrance

My Burberry Black and its London garden-like box at dusk

My Burberry Black is a fragrance that represents the quintessence of the My Burberry brand, and that plunges us into the heart of the British capital. Very inspired by the My Burberry trench coat, it depicts a landscape that is both romantic and mysterious. The decor is like a postcard. My Burberry Black plunges us into the heart of a London garden at dusk. The result is a timeless juice now presented in a brand new box.

The floral and gourmet scent of My Burberry Black

My Burberry Black is a floral essence with a very contemporary signature and not without a touch of originality. To capture the scent of a landscaped garden at the end of a beautiful day, My Burberry Black has chosen to rely on jasmine. This luminous flower is here mixed with the delicious velvety breath of peach nectar. A candied rose embellishes the whole and makes this fragrance more delicious. Finally, My Burberry Black ends with a more elegant and woody scent of patchouli.

The My Burberry Black essence box

My Burberry Black is presented to us in a box very inspired by the essential Burberry trench coat , made a century earlier by Thomas Burberry himself. Its 50 ml spray is accompanied for the occasion by a My Burberry Black body milk. Thus, this beauty product will deposit a delicate scented veil on your body while maintaining the natural beauty of your skin for the long term. With him, pleasure and care become one.

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