Ombre Première Chanel, the eye shadow cream

Ombre Première, the eye shadow cream

Chanel offers us a wide range of Ombres Première in Cream

To increase the intensity of a look, there are endless makeup techniques. Many are those who play on light contrasts or complementary colors. For example, know that mauve, purple or plum eyeshadows go wonderfully with green eyes. Gray tones tend to magnify blue eyes. Brown eyes, on the other hand, can afford a lot more daring. Well, know that these are all the colors that we find in the new Ombres Première en Crème by Chanel.

The benefits of Chanel cream texture

As the name of this product suggests, the Ombres Première en Crème by Chanel offers a creamy texture. However, the fact of opting for an eye shadow of this type has many advantages. On the one hand, the product is less volatile than a powder. Thus, it is posed with more precision. Richer in oil, it also deeply nourishes the epidermis.

The cream eyeshadow also melts beautifully with the eyelid and dresses the eyes in a vibrant color but easier to blend. The blend of oils contained in Ombres Première en Crème is the result of all the expertise of the house of Chanel. Thus, this product assembles many raw materials that are beneficial for the skin, making your eyelid softer and smoother day after day. If Cream Shadows have often been considered less intense and pigmented than powders, today they are not.

Chanel offers us a formula very rich in pure pigments, which allows to obtain intense and sophisticated shades. Finally, note that the Ombres Première en Crème by Chanel are enriched with a formula rich in long-lasting raw materials. Thus, they offer homogeneity throughout the day and a dense result from early morning until evening. Of course, everything has been tested under ophthalmological control and is suitable for all individuals, including contact lens wearers.

How to apply the Ombres Première en Crème by Chanel?

The Ombres Première en Crème by Chanel are availablein a whole bunch of different shades, allowing you to dare all the daring and vary the pleasures to infinity. In addition, the Ombres Première in Cream by Chanel offer a satiny and luminous result. This product is applied using a rounded brush applicator. Prefer, if possible, an accessory in synthetic hair, known to be softer. Using this brush, apply the right amount of shadow on your eyelid, so as to obtain a more or less blurred result. Then blend the color by stretching it across the top of your eyes. Do not hesitate to use several different creams to create nice gradations ranging from darker colors to lighter shades. This will prevent you from getting a “panda” effect. Finally, after each use,

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