Sycamore Chanel Perfume

Sycamore, fragrance from the Exclusives Chanel collection

The famous Cuir de Russie, N ° 18 and now Sycomore take us back to the prestigious past of the house of Chanel and memories of Coco. Sycamore draws Gabrielle’s dream, pure wood worked in all its most beautiful facets as one would fashion the most beautiful memories …

Sycamore, a rooted fragrance as close as possible to Coco’s wishes

In the 1930s, Gabrielle Chanel had already worked on an olfactory project where the notes of wood were in the spotlight but the project was abandoned, certainly too innovative and too unisex for the time which hardly wanted to mix genres between feminine perfumes. and masculine fragrances. Yet the great lady of fashion had already played with the ambiguity in these haute couture collections by presenting models of suits in jersey, a material hitherto reserved only for men … But it was not until the era of Jacques Polge and the 2000s to finally discover this beautiful wooded area under the name of Sycamore.

And what a great discovery! Jacques Polge, as in all the bottles of the Les Exclusifs collection, worked Sycamore like a soliflore by choosing the olfactory raw materials only in relation to the facets of this beautiful tree. As a result, Sycomore appears as a feminine perfume with mysterious but also very sensual essences.

However Sycomore will pay homage to Gabrielle Chanel and her creative spirit by almost making a unisex perfume. Women seek its woody warmth, where men carry its sensual power. Gabrielle is no more but her spirit remains …

When the woody note turns into velvet for a powerful Chanel Sycamore

“I did not try to make a perfume or to compose, “explains the perfumer. Just to work on a woody note. I wanted something without nuance, well, without nuances other than those brought by the essences. »Jacques Polge tells us about Sycomore by Chanel. So we will hardly be surprised to discover as this almost mystical Sycamore evolves its most beautiful facets highlighted by notes as classic as they are very original.

Sycamore opens with notes of juniper and pink berries which offer a powerful and spicy aromatic opening upon entry into its “roots”. In the heart, the nervous cypress marries the delicate sweetness of a pretty violet which sprinkles all of this beautiful olfactory “foliage”. Finally, Haitian vetiver brings its round and full warmth to marry so burning sandalwood. Labdanum offers them its animal power where vetiver breathes woody freshness. Blond tobacco will coat these intense and sensual notes with its mysterious smoke.

“Built around vetiver, Sycamore leaves a simple, smoky, reassuring, slightly spicy imprint. »Chanel for Sycomore.



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