The exoticism of the new Sun Di Gioia d’Armani

The exoticism of the new Sun Di Gioia d'Armani
The exoticism of the new Sun Di Gioia d’Armani

A few years ago, exotic and solar fragrances were not particularly popular. Indeed, working on solar notes was often judged “too tiare, too monoi, and not luxury enough”. However, that has changed a lot. Indeed, fragrances that smell like the holidays are very popular with the public today. Also, even the big prestigious brands have seized the phenomenon. In this case, in 2016, this is precisely the case for the Armani house. A foretaste of the holidays should soon appear. Sun Di Gioia is presented as a sun-drenched water , a true concentrate of good humor.

The success of solar notes reviewed by Armani

The summer of 2015 marked the great return of exotic perfumes . In addition, these were concocted from solar notes. They wanted to be particularly suited to days spent at the water’s edge but did not fail to brighten up long gloomy days at the office. Moreover, it is undoubtedly their joie de vivre that makes these perfumes such a success. What could be nicer than closing your eyes for a moment and being immersed in the heart of Mediterranean flavors? Also, this is precisely what it is about with the collection of perfumes Acqua Di Gioia. It was created in 2010 and portrays us the image of a strong and free woman, in perfect harmony with nature. If Acqua Di Gioia used to put water in the spotlight, Sun Di Gioia, meanwhile, plays more with the radiance of the sun. It is similar to the happiness we feel when the first rays of sunshine of the year brush against our skin. Thus, it helps to convey a message of joie de vivre and then only makes the woman more beautiful.

Sun Di Gioia, a taste of the holidays

Sun Di Gioia opens with a typically exotic scent of frangipani flower. This raw material reveals a floral and powerful scent. This one is slightly vanilla and amended. Nevertheless, it remains very refined. Besides, the frangipani flower is considered sacred in India. It then only contributes to the luxury of the whole. What is more, this feeling of sophistication continues through Sun Di Gioia’s heart. This contains in particular one of the most expensive ingredients in fine perfumery: iris. This flower then delivers complex and delicate scents, at the same time powdery, woody and very feminine. Ambroxan, meanwhile, increases the tenacity of the trail of this perfume. At the same time, it brings a velvety and sensual aspect to the whole while releasing musky tones, woody and almost animal. Finally, vanilla further enriches the whole with a touch of exoticism and bewitchment. Sun Di Gioia is particularly captivating. Like holidays, once you’ve tasted it, it becomes very difficult to do without …

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