Yatagan, the masculine scent of Caron

Yatagan, the masculine scent of Caron
Yatagan, the masculine scent of Caron

Yatagan de Caron, a journey to the heart of a distant land

Perfumery is a very creative universe which requires a particularly developed artistic sense. Thus, perfumers are constantly on the lookout for sources of inspiration. Most of them get their ideas from their travels. This is precisely the case with the Maison Caron . The Yatagan perfume was designed in 1976 and seems, as evidenced by its name, to come directly to us from a distant land. Prepare your suitcases, Caron takes us to the Orient for an olfactory journey that is both oriental and refined.

The exoticism of Yatagan perfume

Yatagan is in perfume that is directly inspired by the Ottoman Empire. Its name and its very warm smell say a lot about its origins. Yatagan has the color of the ocher earth of the desert. He celebrates his oriental origins as it should and invites us to adventure. In fact, he tells us even more accurately the story of Turkish riders riding their galloping horses. Besides, do you know what the word Yatagan means? This is the name of their saber.

Locked in a case, these skilled fighters did not hesitate to take out their curved and protruding blade. The Yatagan is fascinating by its contrasts. He possesses unparalleled grace while being a real object of torture. It mixes strength and fragility. The Yatagan perfume contains precisely all these elements. It alone evokes all the magic of the Orient. His exoticism is associated with the image of a powerful and conquering man. Yatagan is a juice that does not lack character and has many warm and very Mediterranean facets. Its smell is a bit provocative and does not go unnoticed.

The olfactory power of Yatagan

Yatagan was designed for Caron by perfumer Vincent Marcello. It begins with an immediate sensation of freshness brought by the petitgrain. Pine, fennel, basil and absinthe in turn give it a more aromatic power. The cistus, meanwhile, reinforces the warm and bewitching breath of Yatagan. This juice gradually gains in depth and finally ends with a woody blend. Yatagan contains in particular vetiver, oak moss and patchouli. What is more, it does not lack sensuality either and is wrapped in an animal trio of leather, musk and styrax. Finally, the vanilla sublimates the whole with its more syrupy breath. In addition, something rare enough to be underlined: Yatagan is a perfume that does not contain any floral notes.

Caron opts for a bottle while sober

Yatagan comes in a fairly sober and refined bottle. In fact, its silhouette is directly inspired by that of the perfume Pour un Homme by Caron, a classic of the house created in 1934. Its ocher color is similar to that of the land of the desert. She is also very warm. Finally, its white label displays the name of this perfume in a stylized pattern that characterizes the movement of a saber.

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